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Liminal Surrender

Liminal Surrender, a concert of dance and theater on April 15 & 16 at 7:30 pm

at the Chen Dance Center, 70 Mulberry Street, 2nd Floor in New York City in Chinatown.

Tickets: $15.  Reservations: 212-927-0476 

Directed by Beth Soll

Five dance premieres and one theater premiere! Choreography by Beth Soll and one dance with 

choreography by Michelle Micca.

Gary Winter will premiere a play directed by Meghan Finn.

Liminal: “. . . on a boundary or threshold . . . transitional or intermediate between two states, [or] 

situations . . .” Oxford English Dictionary

Details at Dusk, a duet for Lara Mahler and Andrew Trego. Music by Claudio Monteverdi. 

Sweet Detour, a solo for Lara Mahler. Music by Claudio Monteverdi. 

Open Labyrinth, a solo for Andrew Trego. Music by Claudio Monteverdi. 

Twilight Strategies, a solo for Beth Soll. Music by Claudio Monteverdi. 

Dance of the Incidental Cashier: a play by Gary Winter. Directed by Meghan Finn. Actors 

Abby Rosebrock and Jack Frederick.

Repertory Dances:

Snow Dance (2014) a duet for Karesia Batan and Michelle Micca with music by György 

Covert Transformations (2012), a solo for Beth Soll with music by Ivan Božičević and Eka 

Tink  a duet for Karesia Batan and Michelle Micca choreographed by Michelle Micca with 

Information:   212-927-0476

Earlier Event: January 21